Children’s and Teen Ministries


Our mission is to work with you to help lead your children into a relationship with Jesus and to grow in their faith.  We believe that the primary responsibility for this is yours and we are offering you support through our programs.

Calvary Church is very dedicated to making our church an exciting and safe place for your children of all ages to come and learn about God’s love and plan for them.  From infancy to teenagers we have age appropriate programs that are consistent throughout their development.  We are currently participating in the brite* Curriculum on Sunday mornings which presents the full scope and sequence of the Gospel, through both the Old and New Testaments.


We also are serious about protecting them.  All our volunteers both adults and teens are required to complete a Child Protection Policy training.  They are taught about our Child Protection Policies and, have passed a criminal background check (the adults), have completed an application, and have been regular attendees at Calvary Church for at least 6 months.  We want you to be able to leave your children without concern while you worship with us.

Registration Form

When you attend with your child you will sign them in at our table in the lobby and fill out a registration form with all your child’s/children’s information.  If you have any special needs or concerns those can be communicated on that form.  We will use this information while caring for them, so please be specific.