Financial Peace

“Then Jesus told them, Give back to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they were amazed at Him.”

Mark 12:17

Financial Peace University

At Calvary Church we believe that discipleship and ministry goes beyond just our four walls and impacts every facet of our lives. This is a class designed to help you learn to manage your money and use it to be a greater blessing to God. We will offer this class once per year in the fall, but you can search for a local course here.

Financial Peace University

This informative video provides more information about this unique approach to financial management.

September 2016 Graduates Testimony

Watch the video and hear the Drapeau’s testimony of how FPU has changed their life.

Chip French, a long time member of our congregation is happy to provide complimentary and personalized basic budgeting and money management help.

If you are interested, his contact information is listed below.

Chip French

Phone: 860-688-6853