Global Missions

Global Missions –

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations…”

Matthew 28:19

Calvary Church understands the responsibility we have as devoted followers of Jesus Christ. One way we live that out is through our support of local and global missionaries who have dedicated their lives to bring the gospel to all corners of the globe. These are some partnerships Calvary Church has with global missionaries.


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Bill and Kathy with Converge International Missions are working to bring the gospel to the Wolof and Fulani people of Senegal. With only a couple hundred believers, the Wolof and Fulani people groups are considered least reached. Partnering with other global workers, they are asking God to see 5% of the majority Muslim nation become reproducing believes. One of the ways Calvary Church has partnered with them and national believers is by supporting a neighborhood Christian school run by a local pastor and his wife in a poor suburb of the nation’s capital city, Dakar.


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Roy and Helen serve with African Inland Mission (AIM) in the Eldama Ravine area of Kenya where Roy pastors their local church. Calvary Church has long supported their work and mission there. Together they manage a retreat center for missionary families and opened an orphanage and school for local children who could otherwise not attend school due to poverty. Read more about the work of AIM HERE.

Latin America


Alberto and JoAnn served the Lord with Central Missionary Clearinghouse in Chile and Central America for more than 20 years before returning to the USA where they are now church planting among Spanish-speaking people in Vinelands, and Blackwood NJ. They are currently discipling new Christians. Some of the many ways that they are doing this include: Teaching bible studies, leading special programs and retreats, pastoring the church, visitation and evangelism. JoAnn interprets for Alberto when interpretation is necessary.