Come to Meall of you who are weary and burdenedand I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28

Welcome to Calvary Church!

We are so glad that you are considering Calvary Church as your church family. You will find us welcoming and friendly. It will be easy for you (and your family) to quickly feel comfortable and get involved in the life of our church.

As you look around and get to know us, you will find that we are diverse in age, social and economic status, and ethnicity. Being welcoming to all is an important value of ours. But there are a few things that we are united about:

  • The authority of God’s Word
  • The power of prayer
  • The importance of inter-generational relationships (you will see children, teens, and adults of all ages serving alongside each other)
  • The practical love extended to all people in the church
  • The criticality of teaching children and teens to live their faith at a young age
  • The necessity of serving our surrounding neighbors (church and home)
  • The need to partner with Christian organizations locally and globally for the spread of the gospel

Whether single or married, young or old, we want to help everyone to grow in whole-hearted devotion to Jesus Christ.

Calvary Church has bold plans to expand our service to Christ and to our neighbors here and abroad in the future. Whether you are exploring Christianity, are a new Christian, or have been a mature believer for a long time, we welcome you (and your family) to join us.

In Christ,

Frank Termine